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Why you should volunteer through 1hour

Why you should volunteer through 1hour

There are many reasons people give their personal time to causes they believe in. Some want to meet new people or become more embedded in their community. Some want to learn and gain new experiences – perhaps building up to a career change. And of course, volunteers are usually passionate about helping others, and get a deep sense of fulfilment from doing so.

Whatever your motivation, 1hour can help you find volunteer roles, letting you save your time and effort for doing good. Why volunteer with us? Here are 3 reasons.

We’ll help you find a good use for your skills

A lot of people worry that they don’t have the skills to volunteer – unless it’s something simple like checking tickets at a school fair. But with the right opportunity, you’ll probably find that you can do a lot more than you thought.

Do you manage your money? You might be able to teach basic concepts of personal finance to primary school children using your existing skills and knowledge. Are you a college student who knows a bit of coding? You can easily teach the basics of computer programming to primary school kids using Scratch (developed by MIT).

Perhaps you’re a budding artist with illustration skills. Perhaps you can speak Mandarin. Or maybe you just speak English – imagine the joy of Sri Lankan school children learning the language from someone in London!

You don’t have to be an expert to teach someone of tender years. You have skills that are valuable to someone somewhere in the world. Our platform lets you search for ways to use your skills, making it easy to find something that appeals to you.

We’ll let you volunteer flexibly and globally without leaving home

Covid-19 has proved how easy it is for many people to work from home – why not volunteer from home too? Suddenly, this opens up endless possibilities and places where you can donate your time. With remote volunteering, there’s no more need to travel to volunteer. You can save time, money and effort, and help the environment.

But to do this, you need a global directory of volunteering opportunities you can access from your phone or computer. That’s where we come in. Within a few clicks you can be helping a classroom of kids on the other side of the world.

It’s a way of genuinely experiencing other cultures while staying at home, making volunteering even more fulfilling and exciting. Your time can now truly be donated globally. We can help you open up a literal world of possibilities.

What’s more, you can help people from your own desk whenever you want: perhaps during your lunch break or while winding down at home after dinner.

We’ll help you upskill and maybe land a job

Volunteering can give you a variety of skills and experience, all backed up with good references. And the confidence you gain from developing a new skill set while volunteering will help you immensely in your new job interview.

If you already work in tech but you’re still building up your programming ability, you can start by teaching primary kids the basics and then move to teaching secondary kids after a few months. We will support you with age appropriate material to use, and a bit of preparation before the day will help you immensely.

After a few months of volunteering you will stand a much better chance of landing that job you craved.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with 1hour or download our app here to get started!

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