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Make a difference

Make a difference

Do you have a spare hour. Do you want to make a difference in the world.

We have built our platform to bring volunteers and schools together. What does it do ? Check it out here

We are simplifying donating time which can be logistically challenging involving background checks, training and most importantly travelling to the venue and back. What if we made volunteering remote. This helps bring down the barriers for people who want to volunteer. We wont even get in to how much this will revolutionise volunteering.

Our website will help you find an institution to give your precious time. You can book time with a simple click of a button. You are then directly in touch with the institution. Once paired everything happens through the site.

So you ask how can you help. You can also help the 1hour internal team as we are scaling up. A few of the things we are working on currently.

PR Intern
Social Media Marketing (X2)
Content Curation
Web Editor
HR/ Volunteer Recruitment
Fundraising/ Grant Writing

Video & Content Creators
Research Intern
International Ambassadors
WordPress Developer
Mobile App Developer (Flutter)
Community Manager

Relationship/Partnership Manager (CSR preferable)
SEO Intern

All you need is a desire to make a change. Surely you have a spare hour you want to put to good use. You may even pick up a skill or two yourselves. Join our international team of volunteers already helping us to make this a reality. Drop us a line.

All our volunteering positions are for 3 months. You can help us completely remotely until further notice typically around 5-10 hours a week. Most of the work can be done around your existing work or study commitments.

If you want to join a growing international and highly motivated internal community looking to make a change. Click here to join us.

Alternatively if you are strapped for time you can register as an external volunteer here.

Lets change the world 1hour at a time!

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