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Joining 1Hour as an organisation lets you

  • appear in listings and attract skilled volunteers
  • engage with your community
  • manage all your volunteers in one place
  • get better brand recognition
  • improve your business image
  • increase sales and customer loyalty
  • encourage your human resources
  • get ability to attract talent and retain staff
  • grow your organisation’s value
  • access to capital in an easy way

How does it work

Once you’ve joined, just update your profile to say when you need volunteers, and what you need them to do.

You’ll get a message as soon as someone applies for a slot. Approve or reject the application, or ask for more information or checks. You stay in control.

What we offer

More volunteers

Our platform’s used by students, parents and professionals. We catch passionate people who want to try out volunteering for the first time, or have limited time. Once they get started, they often want to do more and give more hours.

A straightforward way to manage volunteering

Our easy to use platform will help you create time slots and manage volunteers. Our dashboard will give you quick information about requests from volunteers and searches you’ve appeared in.

A way to offer something new

Our volunteers can do all kinds of things. Perhaps you’re a school that wants to offer the chance to learn something different like coding, robotics or even gardening. We probably have the volunteer for you.

Who uses 1HOUR

Any professional, student, parent can use this platform to search and book their volunteering with you directly.

Our members are usually highly skilled professionals and students who are keen to give back to the community. And in the process learn a few things along the way.