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A volunteering opportunity when you need it.

Search and find a venue that’s right for you. Searching based on various interests and skills and a super easy booking system.

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Thought volunteering is cumbersome?

Rather than spending your time looking for a school or venue to volunteer, why not give all that time? Spend 1 hour volunteering and help make the world a better place.

We have made it easy to search for opportunities based on location and interest to quickly volunteer somewhere. Anywhere you want to go.

How it worksLoud and enthusiastic cheerers to volunteer and bring your smiles.

Find Volunteering Places

You can search for areas of interest, local events, or just things to do.

Read about the opportunity

Determine the services they require and choose what you can offer.

Book your volunteering time

Choose and book the time slot that works for you. Let them know when they can expect you.

Search and book wherever you are Booking a volunteering opportunity is like eating a piece of cake. Whether on mobile, phone or tablet, easily browsable by location, date and expertise.

Volunteering Hours

Our venues list the times they need help. You can see the times when you book and any fully booked slots will be marked as unavailable.

More Venues/Schools

We are constantly adding new venues and schools, and are on track to add all schools in London soon.

Fast Find & Book

Search through volunteer listings, read about the venue’s needs and book your volunteering time.

Learn New Skills

Always dreaded public speaking? Why not try it a non-demanding environment to hone your skills. You want to learn the basics of new topics. Just browse the various opportunities in coding, gaming, app, gardening, PTA and more.

You have come this far. Are you ready to make a change?

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