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Our Covid-19 Response

Our Covid-19 Response

We have just adapted our FREE volunteering site to deal with COVID-19 needs. The site was designed to be the Airbnb of volunteering. And was already working with local London schools and with the virus lockdown it made a lot more sense to adapt to needs of the hour.

The ethos of the site is to donate an hour of your precious time. Hence the name 1hour.

Requestors can list their needs, volunteers can search by location and pick which ones suit them based on the activity and/or location. Requestor gets to even approve the volunteer. Automated email notificaitons are sent to both requestor and volunteer.

There are lots of cool features including

– private messaging,

– blog (currently hosting Blackheath Covid Mutual Aid pages/links),

– hidden contact details for registered users,

– volunteering activity types (groceries, meds, phone chat etc)

An Intelligent Chabot which can answer most frequently asked questions and understand natural language and will be released very soon.

An iOS & Android app is under development and should be ready fairly soon. We can speed this up based on the needs of the mutual aid groups.

It’s a site built by volunteers for volunteers. Let us know what you think!

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