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5 minutes with 1hour founder, Mady Korada.

5 minutes with 1hour founder, Mady Korada.

Covid-19 has brought about a whole host of challenges to the world. However, during this time there have been individuals around the world spotting issues and looking for solutions. Over the coming weeks we’ll be sitting down with a few different projects doing just this. To get us started, we’ve spoken with our own founder, Mady Korada, to find out more about 1hour.

Mady Korada, founder of 1hour.
Mady Korada, founder of 1hour.

Hi Mady, tell us a little about yourself…

I’m a father of 2, based in London and am a tech thought leader. I have worked in senior leadership roles on global transformational programs and turning around failing initiatives with very tight resource, cost and time constraints. As well as this I’m also an author and speaker on innovation and information. Most recently I have set up the volunteering platform,

What is 1hour?

1hour is a remote volunteering platform to match skilled volunteers with schools around the world, simplifying the process for both parties by keeping the time required to just 1hour. It is designed to be the Airbnb of volunteering. 

How 1hour works.

How did the idea come about? 

It started back in early 2019 when I wanted to volunteer at the local primary school my kids went to. I asked the head teacher for an opportunity to help out. The head teacher came back to me with an offer to do an introduction to coding to his eight year old students. After just one hour teaching during normal school hours, and supervised by the school’s teaching staff, he saw how much of a difference that volunteers like myself could make. I got hooked and this led to the development of 1hour.

After just one hour teaching during normal school hours, he saw how much of a difference that volunteers like myself could make.

Sounds great, what do you strive towards?

We aim to give everyone the same opportunity in life, help those who need it most and make a difference however small. We actually started before the current global Covid-19 pandemic, however demand has grown considerably during this time as schools are having to become more remote.

What other volunteers say about 1hour.

Lockdown has definitely had a huge effect across the globe. What as societies do you think we should be focussing on right now? 

Education. Across the world we’ve been in lockdown; societies, communities and the way we interact has changed. That’s difficult enough to process as an adult, but for children in particular they’ve had so much of their learning and core development processes disturbed. Businesses are changing too and schools are under pressure to deliver despite costs and adapt to new ways of working. We want to help by providing volunteers with skills in languages, coding, art, personal finance, etc… there’s many more! 

What have you learnt during lockdown? 

People really want to help in the midst of a pandemic and they need a common cause to work towards! If you’d like to help us out, you can sign up as a volunteer here.

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